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About me

My name is Sascha Böttcher and I come from the Heidelberg area.  My hobby is photography!  How this interest came about and turned into a passion of mine is actually quite simple. 

At first, I took photos here and there just like anyone.  Then my first digital camera changed everything overnight:

There were new possibilities and I started to spend more and more time with my camera.  Soon, taking a few odd pictures turned into


I love taking photos because a picture can say more than 1000 words. There is so much to express, and my passion allows me to do this easily.  

I enjoy turning photos into personal works of art which depict me and allow my creativity to flow. The challenges of this hobby are judging it right and being able to capture things effectively. Take a look at my photos and decide for yourself if I have succeeded in doing this…

I take a photo of everything which appears before my lense, I spend a lot of time out in the nature and around where I live. Put in the limelight in the right way and a true masterpiece evolves.

I would happily photograph living motives if I had the opportunity as I have the right ideas for this, too.

Have I got you interested too?

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